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Wichita Area Outdoors Spotlight: Brandt Beikmann & Maxwell Sawin – Presented by Commercial Tire

You’re never too young or old to pick up a fishing pole and wet a line. That’s exactly the approach two Hanover Public School students in Brandt Beikmann and Maxwell Sawin take every time they fish or compete in a tournament together. The duo fish on a Community team, for Junior High, and will move up to High School next year. The team is called KnotHeads Fishing Club and is based out of Hanover. The team got started during the COVID break last summer and both fishermen have been all-in ever since. “I have fished for as long as I can remember, it has just been a “Sunday family tradition,” said Beikmann.

Like Beikmann, it was family that got him started. “It was a long time ago, I have pictures of me fishing from when I was about four years old, with my dad and little sister. My dad has always loved fishing, and he definitely helped me get started.”

Both love to fish for anything that swims, but bass have been the trophy fish during competition. “We have done four tournaments so far. We started last summer, and haven’t placed at a tournament yet, but have been lucky enough to catch fish in each tournament.,” said Beikmann. “We are currently ranked 15th out of 25 teams in the Junior division,” said Sawin.

Both participate in other sports outside of fishing. Beikmann plays football, basketball and wants to run track while Sawin is on the swim and cross-country teams and wants to try out for track as well.

For now, when fishing a tournament, the pair must have a boat captain and currently serving in that capacity is Courtney Sawin. And as members of the Kansas Youth Bass Nation, both Beikmann and Sawin are headed to much bigger opportunities down the road. For now, fishing their favorite spots can be just as much fun as fishing in a big tournament. “I enjoy hanging out with friends and catching fish, it doesn’t matter how big of fish. I enjoy my secret pond. I only take a handful of people there. I caught a three-pound bass there the first time I found the pond,” said Beikmann.

Sawin also enjoys just being outdoors and picking up new gear. “What I like is catching big monster fish, and seeing what lure works best where. And I love to buy tackle, and rod and reels. My favorite place to fish is a farm pond owned by Goeckel’s,” said Sawin.

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