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McPherson Soccer Q&A with Anna Nason and Claire Hedlund – Presented by Shelter Insurance

VYPE: How long have you played soccer and what position do you play for McPherson High School?

Nason: I have been playing soccer for about 13-14 years now. I started playing when I was around four years old, and it has definitely become my favorite sport I have ever played. I played every position besides defense and goalie. The least you could say, I was goal hungry!

Hedlund: I have played for 11 years and I play forward.


VYPE: Did you try any other sports growing up?

Nason: I played many sports growing up; it took a lot out of my parents to keep me occupied all the time. I played basketball, volleyball, soccer, and I am a dancer. Soccer, however, was my favorite and it happened to be the sport where I met my best friend, Claire Hedlund.

Hedlund: No.

VYPE: What was the name of the first soccer team you played for?

Nason: I started playing soccer in Manhattan, Kansas where I played for the local recreational team. Once my family and I moved from Manhattan to Kansas City, that is where I started playing for a competitive team called the JCFC Comets.

Hedlund: I played for the Strikers.


VYPE: Away from soccer, what do you enjoy doing with your free time?

Nason: When I wasn’t playing soccer, it seemed like I was always with my friends or my family. We spent a ton of time at the lake, at the park, or simply trying to make our own fun. When you live in a small town, you have to find your own fun. As I said before, I played a lot of other sports growing up so I spent much of my time playing basketball with another one of my best friends, Lakyn Schieferecke (Lady Pups basketball player), playing volleyball, and dancing. Dancing became a love of mine within a short amount of time throughout my high school career.

Hedlund: Away from soccer, I enjoy hunting, fishing and being outdoors.

VYPE: As a student-athlete, what is your favorite subject and who is your favorite teacher?

Nason: My favorite subject ever since I was a little girl has always been science and more particularly Human Anatomy and Physiology. I have always been so fascinated by how the human body functions and other environmental factors that can affect it. My favorite teacher throughout my four years of high school has to be Mrs. Chelsey McCasland. She was my Chem I and AP Chem teacher who always lit up every room she walked into. She always carried herself so positively that it was contagious to her students. In class whenever a student of hers would be having trouble or didn’t understand a subject, she made sure to go out of her way to make that student feel confident in the material. You won’t ever find another teacher who cares so much about her students as she does. Doesn’t hurt that she’s a K-State Wildcat Grad!

Hedlund: My favorite subject is math. Favorite teacher in Cheryl Malm, because she is always understanding and is there if you need her for anything.


VYPE: Obviously things have been interrupted this season, so what’s next for you?

Nason: Even though my season has recently been interrupted, that won’t stop my excitement for what lies next on my path. This coming fall I will be attending Kansas State University with a major in Nutritional Sciences/Pre-Medicine. I plan on being apart of the Greek life at Kansas State and many other student organizations that will give me the chance to meet many others that have the same interests as I do.

Hedlund: I’m beginning training and working hard to soon start my college soccer season, with the help of coach Hagan.

VYPE: Before we bring this interview to an end, lets discuss some of your teammates. Give me a name for each of the following;

Who is the loudest person on the bus? Who can sleep anywhere? Who is always running late? Who talks the most smack on the field? Who has the most fun regardless of the situation? Who is the natural born leader?

Nason: Loudest Teammate: Claire Hedlund. She always knows how to make someone laugh in any situation! Who can sleep anywhere, anyone but me! Who is always running late, either Stacey Pham or Kaliah Tice. It is not so much that they are running late, they are just running behind. They have never been late to practice but it seems like they are always the last ones to get shin guards and cleats on. Who talks the most smack on the field, Lexi Kynaston. Who has the most fun regardless of the situation, Belle Alexander. Belle has such a positive attitude and a happy-go-lucky spirit that everyone feeds off of very well. Natural Born Leader, this would either be myself or Kaliah Tice. Being co-captains of the dance team together made it an easy transition to the soccer field.

Hedlund: Who is the loudest teammate on the bus? Kenzee Godwin. Who can sleep anywhere? Lauren Labertew. Who is always running late? Kaliah Tice. Who talks the most smack on the field? Lexi Kynaston. Who has the most fun regardless of the situation? Claire Hedlund. Who is the natural born leader? Kaliah Tice.


VYPE: Tell me what your team and teammates mean to you?

Nason:  To me this team was my family. I loved how much it felt like a sisterhood and no matter what the circumstance, they always had my back. Whenever I had a bad day, I knew I could go to practice and everyone would cheer me up. These girls were my sisters in sweat!

Hedlund: They are my best friends and my family. They mean a lot to me and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.


VYPE: What will you remember most about this squad?

Nason: There are many things that I will remember about his team, but the biggest will be our positivity. In just the first few weeks of practice, despite what team we were on there was always encouragement from both sides.

Hedlund: The friendship and the loyalty.


VYPE: Be honest…did you rush out and buy a ton of toilet paper?

Nason: Honestly, I didn’t! I really didn’t know the severity of the virus until a few weeks ago. Let’s just say, we do now have a stockpile of toilet paper!

Hedlund: No.

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