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Dexter High School’s Avery Vaden – Wichita Area Outdoors Spotlight

Avery Vaden is a senior at Dexter High School and a member of the Trap Shooting Team. Vaden is also an avid hunter and fisherman. Being outdoors is simply in his blood and enjoying nature is where Vaden feels most at home.

“I love most about being outdoors is how you can just feel free and watch nature and see how beautiful this world truly is,” said Vaden. “My favorite place to hunt and fish is on a family farm.”

Whether fishing or hunting, maintaining and conserving the land and waters we hunt and fish is very important to Vaden. Ensuring future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors motivates Vaden to take care of the land and its inhabitants.

“I feel that conservation is important because we never want one population to get too many in one area. It can be bad for the land and possibly other animals. Maintaining your land is important because it keeps the land healthy for generations to come,” said Vaden.

The stories that come from being outdoors and hunting with friends and family are endless. For Vaden, one memory really stands out.

“My dad, brother, and I were out turkey hunting. We had just gotten a bunch of rain, so the ditches were flooded and there were puddles everywhere. When we were coming back, we were walking down the pasture road and saw this six-foot black snake hightailing it right towards us. We all backed up trying to get away from it and to get a shot,” said Vaden.

For his commitment to the outdoors and the conservation of the land for future generations, Avery Vaden of Dexter High School is the Call of the Wild featured student of the month. Congrats to Vaden and his family for their commitment and passion for the outdoors.

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North Central Kansas

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