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Bennington High School’s Paige Parker – Drive to Zero Student of the month Presented by Kansas Department of Transportation

Paige Parker is a junior at Bennington High School where she’s involved in volleyball, softball, cheer and dance. Parker also enjoys being active in SAFE and for the last two years she has worked to help educated her classmates about the program.

“The appeal was thinking of keeping everyone safe or helping to push that. I want to help my classmates understand the dangers that come along with driving and any distractions while driving and also spread the word of the importance of wearing your seatbelt when going anywhere,” said Parker.

The SAFE program has been an important mission for Parker.

“Growing up in a small school you are close with everyone and care about the wellbeing of friends and family. To know that you are doing something to help make sure your classmates will make it home safe or to their next destination means a lot. The impact the SAFE program has on the community in the long run makes it all worth it,” said Parker.

Being involved in multiple athletic teams certainly keeps Parker busy. On the volleyball team Parker plays middle hitter and on the softball team she plays every position but catcher. “In sports you have to be able to trust the people around you. When I’m playing with my teammates, we all have to believe in each other to carry out the game that’s in motion. The family aspect you get when playing with each other and hanging out during practice is what makes me love the sports that I do,” said Parker.

As a student-athlete at Bennington, Parker said the small town atmosphere is one reason she loves being part of the Bennington family. “Like I said we are such a small town so everyone knows everyone. Our town and school are like a family. Not to mention our staff. Some of the staff here are the nicest people you will meet. The connections here at Bennington make it a safer place and more comfortable,” said Parker.

Academics are also high on the priority list for Parker. She is now a member of the National Honor Society and believes academics are the most important aspect of high school. College is certainly in the plans after graduation.

“Right now, I’m undecided but higher education is a goal of mine. I want to do something in the medical field. I’m not sure if that means going straight to college or serving my country beforehand,” said Parker.

Parker offers this advice to anyone looking to get involved with the SAFE program.

“If you’re thinking about joining SAFE, do it. Safe teaches you life lessons that you will use the rest of your life. You get to socialize with other kids that have the same “drive” to keep your community safe. You get to be involved in fun activities that help Engage the community around you which over all is worth it!”

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North Central Kansas

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