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SE of Saline’s Damion Jackson – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Kaniper Agency


A competitive runner since the seventh grade, Southeast of Saline product Damion Jackson said becoming a cross country runner was the best decision of his young life. 

“I had no clue what cross country was and to be honest, wasn’t sure I wanted to go but my friends convinced me and I went. It was the best decision of my life, I first, never wanted to do football and I found a way to be active and I was good at it as well. If not for those friends, I most likely never would have done cross country and been who I am today,” said Jackson. This season Jackson has set goals for himself to reach, and it appears he is on track. 

Jackson is focused on pushing himself and his teammates to be the best they can be. Personally, Jackson wants to run a sub 16:00 or match it. Finally, Jackson said, “no more upsets.” 

“Last year we had an upset, we knew that Wichita Trinity was becoming a very good team, but we were not ready and did not compete to our best at state. So, we sadly lost, It was an upset but they put in the work and I will admit, deserved their first place. Now it’s a new year and this is my public announcement to Trinity if they didn’t already know. We’re coming back for the trophy. I truly hope to see another spectacular race from everyone at state XC and I hope to all who make it in the future for an amazing race,” said Jackson. 

Jackson is looking forward to the rest of the season and plans on taking his talents to the next level and competing in college. 

“I love competing in XC because I can go out and run extremely well and have everyone from other teams or my team tell me how good I did. On the flip side if I don’t have a good race everyone will still be there to cheer me up and help push me to do better next week. It’s also not just me, everyone gets cheered on no matter how they race or place,” said Jackson.

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