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Inman’s Maci Neufeld – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Prairie Bank Of Kansas

By Chris Cox

Inman High School senior Maci Neufeld admits she started playing basketball in preschool because her of her parents, but she’s kept playing these past 13-plus years because it’s a sport she’s passionate about and has grown to love.

“I love the team aspect of basketball,” she says. “It’s really important to me that we are all friends and can hang out outside of basketball. That’s really cool.”

Neufeld believes having a close team is crucial to Inman’s success.

“It helps us connect on the court a lot better,” she says. “Some teams you see that aren’t as close are not on the same page and it kind of pulls them apart. When you are all connected, it goes a lot smoother during games.”

Being a senior, Maci knows she’s looked at to be a team leader for the Teutons and she says she tries to keep everyones outlook as upbeat as possible.

“I just try to keep everyone positive,” she says. “Basketball is a really long season, and everyone can get kind of tired. I try to keep everyone’s spirits high by setting up after practice team meals. I want to take my leadership role a little more seriously this year so we can bond a little more.”

While relationship building is a key goal for this season, Neufeld also hopes to see a bit more success on the court.

“I want us to have a winning record this year,” she says. “The last time we had a winning record was my freshman year. I definitely want to try and get a winning record so I can leave and say ‘I did something good.’”

Neufeld clearly wants to win, but she stresses that winning is not the most important thing for her. 

“I really want us to bond and connect on a personal level with each other,” she says. “Winning games is important but it’s about having fun and doing your best. I probably had as much fun the last two years with losing records as I did my freshman year when we had a winning record because of my teammates.”

Outside of basketball, Neufeld is a member of the Inman volleyball and track teams. She is also a member of FCA and an officer in the Inman FFA chapter.

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