Salina’s Jenn Peckham – Mom Spotlight Presented by Salina Ortho Specialists

Jenn Peckham is a mother of three student-athletes at Salina Central High School and Lakewood Middle School.

“Azbey Peckham is a sophomore at Central. She is on the basketball team and swim team. She also plays club basketball with the Thunderbolts made up of girls from North Central Kansas,” Jenn said. “Danielle Peckham is in eighth grade at Lakewood Middle School. She is on the volleyball team and track team. She also plays volleyball with Kansas Krush volleyball club and Hannah Peckham is in sixth grade at Lakewood Middle School. She plays softball for the Salina Braves and has been part of this team since kindergarten. She also plays basketball for No Limits.”

Jenn serves as a parent liaison for the swim team which carries several duties.

“Being the parent liaison involves communicating between Coach Sheforgen and the parents, coordinating events for the team, securing volunteers to help run the home meets, and hosting team dinners. I have an excellent counterpart as the Salina South parent liaison in Linn Exline. She is experienced in this, so she is showing me the ropes,” Jenn said.

This year she also took on the responsibility of being the announcer at home meets.

“Salina Central has a lot of opportunities to participate in activities in addition to just athletics. I love that there seems to be a place for everyone no matter what their interests are,” said Jenn. “We are fortunate to be a part of teams that have a lot of parents who jump in to make things happen.”