Salina South’s Araceli Rivas – Preseason Softball Spotlight Presented by Salina Regional Sports Medicine


By Matt Browning 

Araceli Rivas of Salina South, who received the most votes in VYPE’s Preseason softball poll, is fired up for the season to start and has been counting down the days since school ended last May.

“I get to see new faces and old faces and just the whole experience with the girls that are there is a blast,” Rivas said. “The memories and smiles are going to be exciting.”

Being a pitcher, Rivas’ primary offseason focus was to improve her craft and build more endurance for the upcoming season.

“I want to achieve my goals by getting stronger and having longer endurance,” Rivas said. “I still do weekly workouts at the yard and take pitching lessons.”

While experiencing success is something Rivas wants to achieve this season, she also wants to stop and enjoy the moments with her teammates.

“As a team I would love to see the girls grow on each other and just make memories,” Rivas said. “This is high school and just being able to have the experience and to share it is all worth it.”

Outside of softball, Rivas also plays the flute or tenor saxophone in the marching band, pep band and choir band. Rivas would like to play softball in college and study education, social sciences or law.