Salina Central’s Alexandra and Amelia Coykendall – Bowlers of the Month Presented by The Alley

By Matt Browning 

Alexandra and Amelia Coykendall from Salina Central were chosen as The Alley bowlers of the month for October. Both were varsity bowlers for the Mustangs last year. “I have been bowling for about three years now and I never really noticed that I had a talent for it until I actually started my second year of bowling,” Alexandra said.

Amelia is similar to her sister in that she didn’t really know she had an ability to bowl until she started in high school. “I have been bowling for one year and I started to notice that I had the ability to be good at it when I joined the bowling team.”

Both Alexandra and Amelia bowl at The Alley in the offseason and Alexandra has considered joining a league to improve her skills. “I like to bowl in the off-season with some of my teammates sometimes for fun other times to work on stuff,” Alexandra said. “I’ve been thinking about joining a bowling league for a bit but have not decided.”

Last season, Alexandra had a high series of 493, while Amelia’s high series was 385 for Salina Central, which took second at the 5A Tournament. 

Alexandra also swims and plays golf for the Mustangs, while Amelia is involved in band, theatre and swimming.