“Image Maker” Student Athlete of the Month – Presented by Salina Imaging Center, LLC

Max Alexander – Buhler

Basketball standout Max Alexander is a senior this season at Buhler High School and a player to watch this upcoming season. Growing up, Alexander always had a ball in his hands. From his earliest memories, he was shooting hoops and dribbling a ball. Now a point guard for Buhler High School, Alexander is excited to see what he and his team can accomplish this year.

“My teammates are the best and so fun to be around. We have a good connection. It’s a positive energetic environment. Our administrative staff is very supportive and my coach pushes me to be the best player/person I can be in a positive way,” said Alexander.

This season Alexander is taking on more of a leadership role with the team. As a senior he feels it’s his responsibility to lead by example.

“My number one focus as a senior is leading by example, hard work, and being a good teammate, and to do my best day in and day out to achieve our goals. Never give up and keep a positive attitude,” said Alexander.

Living and playing ball in Buhler is special for many of its athletes. For Alexander, having such great support from the town and the school is a source of inspiration.

“Buhler is a great town and we have amazing teachers, administration, staff and coaches who support me fully. They are absolutely the best,” said Alexander.

His ultimate goal is to graduate and have an opportunity to take his talents to the next level.

“My goal is to play college basketball,” said Alexander. A goal which is not always easy to reach, but through hard work on the court and in the classroom, Alexander is hopeful he can make that dream come true.

When he’s not on the court and doing homework you can find him playing golf or working out. He enjoys lifting weights and spending time with his family.

As for the upcoming season; the delayed start is not going to frustrate Alexander and his teammates. They will continue to work hard and prepare for what happens after the New Year.

“We will be ready no matter the situation and have been the entire off season,” said Alexander.