“Image Maker” Tess Daily – Student Athlete of the Month – Presented by Salina Imaging Center

Salina South’s Tess Daily
Salina South High School sophomore Tess Daily started taking lessons in the third grade.
The following summer she got her first taste of what it meant to compete in a tournament.
“My first tournament was the Saline County Open. I played one of my teammates for the championship in the 10 and under division that year,” said Daily.
Daily said the best thing about South tennis is the fun they share throughout the season and in the off-season.
“We are also friends off the court, and I love that we are so positive and encouraging to each other.”
Academics are just as important to Daily. She works hard to maintain her grades and stay on the honor roll. That’s just one of the challenges she faces as a student-athlete.
“I realized this year that the thing I enjoy most is the challenge. I switched from playing doubles last year to singles this year. It was definitely more difficult mentally to play singles. Plus, I came up against some of the toughest individual competitors this year. Whether I won or lost, it was fun looking for ways to improve my game,” said Daily.
“My favorite memory was playing at state last year. Starting as a freshman, I had no idea that I’d be able to make it that far. State competition was tough and to come away with both a team trophy (State Champion Runner-Up) and a 5th place medal in doubles with partner Jillian Coleman was such an honor because I felt like we fought for, and earned, each win.”