Drive to Zero Student of the month: Kaydon Presnell, Tescott – Presented by Kansas Department of Transportation

By Ember McElrath
Kansas Department of Transportation’s SAFE Program is a program designed to help encourage kids to wear their seatbelts. Kaydon Presnell is a student at Tescott High School and has been involved with the SAFE program since his freshman year. Kaydon is extremely proud to be part of such a great organization that helps to promote safety.
“Representing my school means to promote safety in my community and make sure everyone is being the safest they can and knows what to do in case of an emergency,” said Kaydon.
For Kaydon the SAFE program isn’t just a regular high school club, but it is something near and dear to his heart and for good reason.
“It is important to be part of the SAFE program because there are so many casualties due to car accidents,” said Kaydon. “I personally have been in a car accident and I was lucky enough I was wearing my seatbelt.”
Kaydon has great goals when it comes to this organization.
“I hope that we can decrease the amount of accidents and make sure the kids who are our future will be the safest they can possibly be,” said Kaydon
Not only is Kaydon proud to be part of such an amazing program like SAFE, but he is also a proud Tescott High School student-athlete.
“Being a student-athlete at Tescott is honestly amazing, yes we may be a small school and we may not be able to go out and win consecutive state titles but there is an amazing family aspect,” said Kaydon. “When you’re part of an athletic team at Tescott, you know you’re cared for.”
Being part of a great program like SAFE helps to create a great bond between Kaydon and his teammates because they all have this amazing drive to help keep kids safe.
“We all want to see people being the safest they can, and we all have a great bond and can work with the community really well,” said Kaydon.
Kaydon not only participates in SAFE, but cross country, track, cheer, basketball, and scholars bowl.
After high school Kaydon has plans to pursue a degree as a physician’s assistant.