Goessel’s Porclein Unruh & Bethany Herrel – Leaders of the Month Presented by First Bank Kansas

Goessel High School’s Porclein Unruh and Bethany Herrel are this months First Bank Leadership Profile. The two varsity basketball players are leaders on and off the court for Goessel.   “To me, leadership means always putting others before yourself. Being a leader is someone who can be a positive role model and lead by a good example on and off the court,” said Herrel. “Leadership means a lot to me because it is a chance for me to step outside of my comfort zone and make a difference in other’s lives,” Unruh said. 

Both girls can play multiple positions and love how coach Hoopes utilizes their talents. Off the court, the help start the FCA chapter at school. Something they are both proud of.  “We got a lot of positive feedback from our peers. Many of them wanted to take this challenge up with us and start something as soon as possible. Once we had talked to administration they were extremely supportive and we were all so excited to get this program going at our school,” said Herrel. 

Unruh added, “There has been a lot of positive feedback from our classmates on starting up FCA at our school. While it is not quite where we want it to be, the encouragement and advice from our peers has been great! We have also got a lot of positive feedback from our teachers and coaches, as well as community members.”

Both student-athletes plan to attend college after graduation. 

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