Bennington’s Gunner Brummett – Outdoors Spotlight Presented by Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, & Tourism

Gunner Brummett of Bennington High School is your typical student-athlete. A three-sport athlete, Brummett is comfortable on the football field, running track or playing basketball. He’s also comfortable with a rifle in his hand or a fishing pole. “I started hunting and fishing for as long as I can remember. My family is huge on the outdoors,” said Brummett. “I love the feeling of being connected with the land that God has provided us.”

As an athlete at Bennington High School, Brummett loves being part of his teams and competing with his classmates and friends. “What I love about my teammates is that it shows how in this world you will have to get along with everyone. To me, sports teach more kids how to become contributors to society by turning young boys into men,” said Brummett. 

This season Brummett bagged his best buck pictured with this story. He has plans for this trophy kill. “I prefer hunting over fishing even though I love to fish. I am waiting to take my buck to Nebraska to get it mounted. This is my best kill so far,” said Brummett. 

Other than deer, Brummett and his father hunt geese, squirrels, dove and coyote. As a family they believe it is important to take care of the land and leave things better than how you find them. “We have to respect the land we we’re given. If we don’t then we won’t have a good environment to host these bucks. If the hunters today don’t take care of the land then the future kids won’t be able to experience what we love to call “Hunting,” said Brummett. 

Away from the hunting and sports, Brummett enjoys riding dirtbikes and four-wheelers with his friends. He also enjoys riding horses at his grandmother’s house. 

His future plans include attending college at Hutchinson Community College to study Fire Science. 

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