Bennington’s Ashton Travis – “Drive to Zero” Student of the Month Presented by KDOT

By Matt Browning

Ashton Travis of Bennington was named the KDOT SAFE Athlete of the month for February.

Travis, a senior, participates in SAFE, NHS, Mentor Magic, basketball and softball at Bennington.

“I really was not expecting it,” Travis said. “It is pretty exciting. It is a great message for SAFE.”

After graduation, Travis plans on going to the Air Force. She will begin Basic Training in San Antonio this summer. Her family has a friend that is a recruiter, which played a part in her decision.

“My focus will be Security Intelligence or Mental Health Services,” Travis said. “I first wanted to join the military of some kind in the sixth or seventh grade.”

Being involved in so many activities and athletics at Bennington, as well as having a job is a difficult balance for Travis, but SAFE is the one club she is particularly proud to be in.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to be in SAFE,” Travis said. “It is a group that motivates me.”

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