Salina Central’s Peyton Griffin – Shelter Insurance Athlete of the Month

Girls varsity basketball player and starting guard for Salina Central, Peyton Griffin, has high expectations for the 2019-20 season. Her vow is to, “give every game my all,” she said. 

Her basketball journey started in the fifth grade and her love for the game has continued to grow. 

“Something I love most about the sport is the energy my teammates and I can share every game. I also love the quickness and speed of the game,” said Griffin. 

One person who has always been by her side is her step-father. His support has meant everything to Griffin. 

“My step-father has been the biggest influence throughout my life on and off the court. Since the beginning he has supported me through everything and has been to every game. Without his guidance and all the extra hours he has put into helping me I wouldn’t be where I am today,” said Griffin. 

Her teammates are high on her list as well. 

“My teammates push me everyday to become a better player and I think with our speed and determination we will do some really great things,” said Griffin. 

In the classroom, Griffin displays the same determination to succeed. 

“Academics are a vital part of my life because without them I wouldn’t be able to play the game I love. I believe they’re necessary for any individual to be successful.” 

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